Everything started at the beginning of the year 2015. After ten years working as the owner of a hairsalon, it didn’t fulfill me anymore and the feeling of exhaustion started to be stronger and stronger. It was the time when I decided to take a long holiday and in March that year I went to Africa.

A memory of that journey is still touching me deeply. That holiday with all experiences and all people I met changed my life. I realized that our life can get different meaning and direction in one moment: to be happy and appreciate the little things in everyday life, doing the things that make us fulfilled and live with love for others. The transformation in Africa showed me the path that gave my life a new sense. After that experience I decided to travel, learn English and with desire in my heart help children in some way.

It was a blessing to spend the first year of my travelling in Bali, to meet all those amazing people and to have such an incredible experiences that stay in my heart forever.

After one year in Bali, in May 2016 I felt it was the time to take the first step towards the goal to help children and I found myself guided by my heart to Cambodia. It was painful and moving to see so many children grown up in extreme poverty, and in many cases without their parents. My eyes were filled with tears many times and I was determined to help somehow.

I visited several schools and organizations that are not supported by state funding, but are trying to help children through donations and gifts from kind-hearted people all around the world. The founders of these organizations, teachers, and all those who devote their time and lives to help these children are angels, and my admiration and respect belong to them.

After some time, I returned back to Bali with a clearer vision of the project. I decided to sell hand-made bracelets and send all profits to the organizations in Cambodia. I desired to help in whatever small way I could and motivate also other people to improve the lives of those underprivileged children. I felt both, deep gratitude and happiness for each bracelet sold and for any help given by anyone of us. Because even a small donation can have a big effect on lives of those poor children.

I belive that with the support of all kind people who wish to help, it is possible to make a better future to those beautiful children.

Thank you.