Dependent on the kindness of others

This is an expression of deep gratitude and appreciation to those who have contributed in some way to a better and happier life for those who needed it most in this and all past years.

Thank you with all my heart for your kind thoughts and actions.

There are no words that would express it better than happy and thankful faces of children and their parents.

Thank you for bringing light into the lives of those less fortunate.

It means so much to them. ❤️

An amazing progress…

More than three years ago we helped build a small school for children in one very poor village in Bodhgaya, India.
Now, after all these years, the school has made amazing progress. Thanks to the help of a very friendly NGO that supports different charitable projects around Bodhgaya, this school has grown and opened the door to many children.
Two hundred students are currently studying various subjects five days a week. Thanks to the help of this NGO, the school has ten teachers who receive monthly salaries. All students receive uniforms, study materials, bags and everything they need for their studies.

It’s amazing how a small project grew into something so amazing that benefits so many children and their families.

My deepest appreciation and gratitude goes to this NGO and to all of you dear friends who have contributed to start the construction of this school in 2020.

Thank you so much! ❤️

Path of education through kindness and compassion

Early this year I have visited Maitreya school in Bodhgaya, India again after a number of years of not being able to travel.
It’s always impressive and truly heart moving to see their progress and the ways through which the children are guided on their educational and spiritual path.

Thought of others more than ourself is not something that naturally arises inside of us. Loving-kindness, compassion, empathy are the qualities of mind that can be developed by constant reminder to our selves that just as we wish to be happy and free of suffering, all living beings do wish so. That’s why helping others in any way makes our life most meaningful and happy.

There, children are taught the most important values that bring inner peace and harmony into their lives and in that way to all around them…

By supporting these children education and inner development even in a small way bring a big help and benefit into their lives.

Thank you always dear friends for every your support.❤️

With love and care equally for all children

There are situations in our lives when we face different problems and challenges but we shouldn’t lose courage and give up on what we wholeheartedly decided to dedicate our life for.

Mr Chum from KFKO Cambodia who is currently taking care of 18 poor children, who live with him, as if they were his own has a serious heart problem that made him spent a long time in hospital.
Despite that he is still wholeheartedly there for children and is making sure they have enough food, are going to school and have afternoon English classes that are open for any children that would like to join from the village.
The young lady Ms Daline is kindly helping with the cooking and everything that the children need as if they were her own.

Thank you deeply dear friends, we were able to help Mr Chum and support those children regularly for their needs. ❤️

“Even small things can make a big difference”

After a year and a half of challenging times during the coronavirus, the Maitreya School in Bodhgaya, one of the poorest states in India, reopened its doors to its students.

Currently, about 290 children from poorest families can happily continue their studies and Maitreya School can continue to offer their education combined with a heartwarming way of teaching the children all human values such as kindness, compassion, humility, generosity and many others that positivity influence their lives.

We supported the Maitreya School’s education and needs before the lockdown began. Now, after a year and a half, there are some very important needs that are necessary for the students to continue their studies as before.

One of them are children’s uniforms that are no longer in good condition, then also new books that are important for further studies. In order to support the studies of high school students, these costs are getting higher and higher and are not easy to be paid at the moment.

Even the basic expences are quite high. Just the cost of school uniforms for 300 children is 3500 USD.

If, dear friends, we could help with at least some of their needs, we would at the same time be helping many children to make their lives and future better and happier.

Thank you so much for any help and support! ❤️

“We are inspired to give because of loving feeling, and in the act of giving we feel more love.”

In the difficult times like this for India and many other countries it shows how much we depend on the help and care of others and how much love and compassion for others can positively influence their lives.

Our dear friend and heart sister Kanchan, who lives in one of the poorest states of India, in Bodhgaya, and whose health is supported continuously due to the kindness and generosity of many of you, tells us more in her letter.

A deep THANK YOU to everyone who make a step in the action to help those who need it most.
It means so much to them. ❤️

The most important education is to have a good heart…

With these words we were celebrating an opening of a small shelter for children’s study in Bodhgaya, which is located in the poorest state of India, in Bihar. It was heart warming to experience those moments with all children, to see their happy and thankful faces.

Thanks to the kind support of those who generously contributed, about 100 children have their own “small school “ where they can spend every day joyfully and meaningfully. We are trying to find a way to help support a qualified teacher there, who is the most important part of children’s education.

A few older students from that village offered to help and share their knowledge with the children. They are already teaching them in the afternoons and are a great example for other students. All of them expressed sincere gratitude for your help. Everything what we were able to do and we will be able to do further is because of your kindness and your open heart for those who really need it.

Thank you from the depths of my heart for every your kind support dear friends!

Current Kanchan’s situation

After examining Kanchan’s situation the two renown doctors are suggesting a strategy to save her leg for now.

Even if her leg doesn’t look very healthy, it is still her leg with a small amount of sensation in her foot. As the doctor said, If we can keep it and take at least small steps toward improving its condition, it’s better than to amputate which has of course, both positive and negative repercussions.

The doctor also say is it important to consider that amputation has physical and psychological effects on patient. If there is still a chance to save her leg, that option is better.

To avoid infection and to keep Kanchan’s bones strong, she will need consistent, special medication, vitamins, calcium and optimal nutrition. The doctor recommended that Kanchan be fitted with a new shoe. One that will distribute Kanchan’s weight to her knee and not cause additional pressure to her foot, as it is currently doing. It will help to save the bone in her leg from wearing away.

Kanchan will now use a normal and well-supportive shoe, helping to make her leg look more natural.

In Kanchan’s words “I am happy that we don’t have to do this amputation. If there is no other chance, then it is ok. I am also happy that the new shoe will be not so big and people will not see that I have some problem, because both of my shoes will be almost same. I am happy and I would like to say thank you all people, thanks to you, this is happening.”

Kanchan is very intelligent and sensible young girl who understands the depth of her situation.

We are currently using donation that we received from some of you for Kanchan’s nutrition food, for all medications and supplements that are needed to keep her leg stronger and free from infection.

Thanks to your continuous support we are able to provide everything that she needs and in this way to avoid amputation.

As the doctor said, to do amputation is our last resort.

Thank you very much dear friends for your support and love you have and continue to send to sweet Kanchan.❤️