Current Kanchan’s situation

After examining Kanchan’s situation the two renown doctors are suggesting a strategy to save her leg for now.

Even if her leg doesn’t look very healthy, it is still her leg with a small amount of sensation in her foot. As the doctor said, If we can keep it and take at least small steps toward improving its condition, it’s better than to amputate which has of course, both positive and negative repercussions.

The doctor also say is it important to consider that amputation has physical and psychological effects on patient. If there is still a chance to save her leg, that option is better.

To avoid infection and to keep Kanchan’s bones strong, she will need consistent, special medication, vitamins, calcium and optimal nutrition. The doctor recommended that Kanchan be fitted with a new shoe. One that will distribute Kanchan’s weight to her knee and not cause additional pressure to her foot, as it is currently doing. It will help to save the bone in her leg from wearing away.

Kanchan will now use a normal and well-supportive shoe, helping to make her leg look more natural.

In Kanchan’s words “I am happy that we don’t have to do this amputation. If there is no other chance, then it is ok. I am also happy that the new shoe will be not so big and people will not see that I have some problem, because both of my shoes will be almost same. I am happy and I would like to say thank you all people, thanks to you, this is happening.”

Kanchan is very intelligent and sensible young girl who understands the depth of her situation.

We are currently using donation that we received from some of you for Kanchan’s nutrition food, for all medications and supplements that are needed to keep her leg stronger and free from infection.

Thanks to your continuous support we are able to provide everything that she needs and in this way to avoid amputation.

As the doctor said, to do amputation is our last resort.

Thank you very much dear friends for your support and love you have and continue to send to sweet Kanchan.❤️