The most important education is to have a good heart…

With these words we were celebrating an opening of a small shelter for children’s study in Bodhgaya, which is located in the poorest state of India, in Bihar. It was heart warming to experience those moments with all children, to see their happy and thankful faces.

Thanks to the kind support of those who generously contributed, about 100 children have their own “small school “ where they can spend every day joyfully and meaningfully. We are trying to find a way to help support a qualified teacher there, who is the most important part of children’s education.

A few older students from that village offered to help and share their knowledge with the children. They are already teaching them in the afternoons and are a great example for other students. All of them expressed sincere gratitude for your help. Everything what we were able to do and we will be able to do further is because of your kindness and your open heart for those who really need it.

Thank you from the depths of my heart for every your kind support dear friends!