Kanchan’s story

Each child comes to Maitreya School with their own story, including some who have a very sad and touching story that leaves you with tears in your eyes and a longing to help.

One story is of a young girl called Kanchan a 14-year old, lovely girl and a very good student.

When Kanchan was 6 years old, she had a terrible accident, falling into deep well resulting in a very serious injury to her left leg. For the last 8 years Kanchan has undergone surgery after surgery. Her first operation was not successful. In fact, Kanchan began losing vital muscle from her leg.

When Kanchan was 9, she underwent another operation and spent three months in hospital, in the capital city of Delhi, India. After some time Kanchan underwent yet another operation. Doctors took muscle tissue from her healthy leg and moved it to the sick one. However, due to lack of blood circulation, Kanchan’s body rejected the transplant.

Over the years, Kanchan’s limb continued to lose muscle and the nerves below her knee are now completely dead. Doctors have tried to save Kanchan’s leg but blood circulation has been too low, for too long, resulting in a total loss of sensation from knee to toe. Kanchan began losing hope that doctors would find a remedy for her condition. She began to sense her leg was not alive anymore.

Three years ago, a woman volunteering at the clinic was so moved by Kanchan’s story that she offered to take her to the United States for medical consultation. Kanchan felt hope returning! She prayed that there was still a chance that her leg could be saved. Unfortunately, the doctors in the USA informed her that amputation was her only option.

How can a young girl who is just growing and discovering life make such a choice; to live with a disfigured, infection limb or with a prosthetic and the humiliation of having only one leg. She holds her pain inside. Behind her smile there is suffering.

It has been three years since Kanchan’s diagnosis by the American doctors who could not perform the amputation at the time. The American volunteer could not accept the responsibility of such an invasive surgery and the long-term recovery that Kanchan will need. In the United States they fit Kanchan with a special shoe to stabilized her fragile leg and assist with mobility. Kanchan realizes that amputation is her best option to lead a health and mobile life.

Since returning from the United States three years ago, Kanchan has had no surgeries or treatments other than using the special shoe.

Kanchan’s leg is now disfigured and unrecognizable as a human limb. It is just a thin bone covered in flesh. There are no muscles or nerves left. Kanchan cannot feel sensation leading to constant and life-threatening infections on her foot. At this point a bacteria infection could spread into Kanchan’s blood and cause septic shock, a serious medical condition in the best of circumstances and Kanchan lives in a remote east India village. It is a critical situation for her.

It’s heart breaking to witness and difficult to look into her eyes when she talks about her condition. She said “I have lost hope that there is anything or anybody who can help me”.

The surgery, recovery and transportation to the hospital in Delhi from her remote village will cost 2,500 USD. Kanchan is from a very poor family and goes to school on scholarship. There is nobody in her life who can help her financially.

But we can do it! We can give her hope dear friends!

If you would like more information or photos of Kanchan, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you from the depth of my heart for all your help!

Help in India

I would like to share a recent visit of one very special school, called Maitreya School. It is located in one of the poorest states of India, in Bihar-Bodhgaya where the life of local people is full of suffering and extreme poverty.

Lots of small children doesn’t have opportunity to study, instead of that they are asking for money on the streets.

A number of touching moments is connected with this place.

Maitreya School offers to these poor children not only free education, uniforms and food, but something very special that touches your heart. The kids are taught the life skills from very young age.
Compassion, love, humility, kindness and all, that lead these children to became good hearted, compassionate and humble people, is taught in very playful way and very moving way at the same time.

The school supports 241 children from very young age until 7th class.
Director’s words: As our student body continues to grow, we are struggling to meet the expenses required  to continue offering this precious education to our local impoverished students whose families cannot afford to send their children to school.

Their wish is to find monthly sponsors or those who can support them with their basic needs.

Becoming a monthly sponsor and offer generous support of just 25 USD per month will help to cover:

  • Books and educational materials
  • School uniform and sweaters
  • A nutritious snack every day
  • Expenses like transport and supporting teachers

Director and all teachers of Maitreya School would be deeply thankful for your help and for chance to continue offering these invaluable skills to all children there.

Huge thanks ❤

Happy and thankful for every little help

Two months ago in June 2018 I visited KFKO organization in Cambodia that is located in Siem Reap. A few days that I spent there brought very moving moments…

The founder of that NGO is a very humble young man Chum who was a Buddhist monk for about ten years. After he left Monastery he established the NGO to help children who live in a very bad conditions. Mr. Chum is currently taking care about 19 children and together with all kind people are the real and loving family for the children.

The conditions in this NGO are not easy, but Mr. Chum is trying to give the children all that they need the most in their daily life. Despite the main support from Germany, that helps mainly with food and electricity, this NGO needs support with many other things as medicine, study, clothes, fixing or buying a new bicycle…

Mr. Chum and all children there are very thankful for any, even a small help.

Their humility will touch your heart.❤️

Brighter future for poor children

One of the first organizations which I visited in Cambodia was PIO. The founder of this NGO is an incredibly strong woman, Phymean. Thanks to her determination and love for children she established more than ten years ago an organization with name PIO Cambodia. With the support of all sponsors and donors many street children and children without their parents can study and live a better life. Instead of rubbish places they can live in a shelter with a bed and food every day. They can study and that’s what has changed life many of them. It’s amazing that the school supports around 1500 children every day.

PIO believes that every child has the right to education. They believe that through education they can break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future for the children of Cambodia.

I believe the same. And I wish to help them as much as I can with the support of all kind people who open their hearts to others… ❤️

Thank you!

A wish to meet children’s basic needs…

During the time in Cambodia I had a chance to see how some people, who live in the rubbish dumps tried to raise money and give their children at least something really small to eat.

I met mother of three chidren, who lived in the rubbish dumps with two more families. She was a garbage collector and for the whole day of work she got only three dolars. For those money the whole family had to get by on… In such conditions and having three kids to feed it is impossible to afford to pay for qualified education. With the help of all kind people organisations can support at least some of those children. And still try to do the best to meet the basic needs of more and more street children…

EAC Cambodia

One of the organizations where I spent some time is EAC. The time spent there showed me the real, hard situation and a picture of life in poverty in which our support is needed a lot.

The EAC tries to help more than 180 children with their education. Some of the kids are from very poor families, some even live on the streets, or without their parents.

Sokhan-the founder of the organization is doing his best to support the street children and gives them the basics: education, food and clothes. Together with his staff and all the volunteers they do the great job every day to improve life of all of them.

There are a lot of children on the streets, who need help, but the organization does not have enough money to support as many as they wish, because they have to pay very high monthly rental for the building. Therefore, the wish of the founder is to find enough financial resources to buy his own building and this way help more children, who live in very bad conditions. And I wish to do my best to help organization and make happier lives to these children and also to those who try to do the same…