Brighter future for poor children

One of the first organizations which I visited in Cambodia was PIO. The founder of this NGO is an incredibly strong woman, Phymean. Thanks to her determination and love for children she established more than ten years ago an organization with name PIO Cambodia. With the support of all sponsors and donors many street children and children without their parents can study and live a better life. Instead of rubbish places they can live in a shelter with a bed and food every day. They can study and that’s what has changed life many of them. It’s amazing that the school supports around 1500 children every day.

PIO believes that every child has the right to education. They believe that through education they can break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future for the children of Cambodia.

I believe the same. And I wish to help them as much as I can with the support of all kind people who open their hearts to others… ❤️

Thank you!