EAC Cambodia

One of the organizations where I spent some time is EAC. The time spent there showed me the real, hard situation and a picture of life in poverty in which our support is needed a lot.

The EAC tries to help more than 180 children with their education. Some of the kids are from very poor families, some even live on the streets, or without their parents.

Sokhan-the founder of the organization is doing his best to support the street children and gives them the basics: education, food and clothes. Together with his staff and all the volunteers they do the great job every day to improve life of all of them.

There are a lot of children on the streets, who need help, but the organization does not have enough money to support as many as they wish, because they have to pay very high monthly rental for the building. Therefore, the wish of the founder is to find enough financial resources to buy his own building and this way help more children, who live in very bad conditions. And I wish to do my best to help organization and make happier lives to these children and also to those who try to do the same…