Path of education through kindness and compassion

Early this year I have visited Maitreya school in Bodhgaya, India again after a number of years of not being able to travel.
It’s always impressive and truly heart moving to see their progress and the ways through which the children are guided on their educational and spiritual path.

Thought of others more than ourself is not something that naturally arises inside of us. Loving-kindness, compassion, empathy are the qualities of mind that can be developed by constant reminder to our selves that just as we wish to be happy and free of suffering, all living beings do wish so. That’s why helping others in any way makes our life most meaningful and happy.

There, children are taught the most important values that bring inner peace and harmony into their lives and in that way to all around them…

By supporting these children education and inner development even in a small way bring a big help and benefit into their lives.

Thank you always dear friends for every your support.❤️